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The Uniswap Skim() token balance attack- 1110

Ancilia Inc.Posted 1 Year Ago
  • In Uniswap, the skim function is used for a recovery mechanism in the case of the reserves storage (uint112) failing. If the difference between the current balance of the pair (balanceOf on the ERC20 token) and the reserves are different, the sender of the request gets the difference. Although this can save the contract, this is a very dangerous function to have in.
  • In the case of this particular coin, the balanceOf function is controlled the true balance of the user, _largeTotal, and _totalSupply. If any of these change, the balanceOf call will also change.
  • The function transfer will update the totalSupply whenever a transfer occurs. The problem is that there is no validation on whether the sender and recipient are the same! This means that the _totalSupply can be inflated indefinitely.
  • Since the price of the balanceOf function relies upon the totalSupply, it will increase the result! This means that the cost of the reserves and the amount that the tokens has is different. Using the skim function allows a user to withdraw funds now.
  • In particular, an attacker needs to call skim using the contract address over and over again. Since the totalSupply is updated over and over again and this changes the price, the funds of the Uniswap pool can be stolen using the skim. Overall, a very interesting attack exploiting how Uniswap works in conjunction with a bad vulnerability within the ERC20 token.