Maxwell Dulin (ꓘ)



Spokane Cyber Cup

The question people always ask is "How do I get into Infosec?". In order to assist the local students in the Spokane, WA area I created, setup and felicitated a local capture the flag (CTF) contest. The event included over 60 students from 6 different colleges and 3 high schools, along with 15+ coaches that helped the students on challenges and 2 speakers. The event had 25 wargame challenges, as well as an attack/defense section as well.

The whole purpose of the event was to allow the students to learn in a fun environment, while showing them potential paths for the future. Links to the event information including challenges, solutions, pictures and other things can be found below in the 'Read More' tab.


Computer Security

Computer Security is a very difficult field; this is because security is the complete lack of insecurity. Furthermore, I believe that hacking is the world's hard profession because of the amount of understanding over a system that a person must have. Hence, the smartest and most creative people in the world must be the black and white hat hackers of today. Below are some of my hacking experiences, security groups/events that I have attended and software that I have created for the security industry.


Probabilistic Syllabifier:

A project dedicated to transferring words into its corresponding syllables, across languages. At the moment, the technique sits at an accuracy of 92.54% for the English language, while using a very low-cost and tiny data driven algorithm. The work has been published by ACM at the GECCO 2018 conference.


Othello A.I.

Built a championship level artificial intelligence for the famous board game Othello, also known as Reversi. The A.I. built won the only tournament that it was ever placed into with flying colors.


Pool Play Designer/Wiffleball

I ran a wiffleball league back in my hometown for ten years. Over the years, creating pool play brackets got very annoying and repetitve. To combat this, I decided to automate this entire process. This does wonders in speeding up the process of making brackets.

Just in case you're curious about the wiffleball empire that I have created, please click the links below or ask me about it more in detail.



If anybody has any questions about my projects here, please feel free to ask. I love discussing all of the projects, helping people out on there own projects and practically anything else! My email, twitter and Github are all below in the footer.